Saturday, May 7, 2011


May 7, 2011

Here's my front door -- and the garden under the kitchen window

and here's my first rose! It smells so good!

I'm happy with my plantings -- 3 gladiolas are starting to come up -- all the roses are full of green leaves - even the Josephs Coat climber I planted in the back -- I thought it wasn't going to make it, and the bed I'd planted it in filled with weeds with purple flowers .... the other day I noticed the rose was coming alive, pulled all the weeds, except for a few I think are flowers, and was happy to know that within a few months the climber will be up the wall and blooming in variegated yellows and oranges.

The bed on the other side of the back porch looks like it has an easter lily coming up -- a bit late, but maybe it's a day lily!! I love surprises!! Like the peony that is coming up in the front.

I'm leaving for 2 weeks next Saturday, and it will be so nice to see what's happened in the garden beds when I get home.

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